USG was established and operated since 1993. With experiences for more than 20 years in constructions , interior & exterior decorations as well as the installations of building facillty , we continue to expand our service to fullfill customer's needs.Most or our works are Finance and Securities Company's offices, Public Bank's office, Factories , Codominium , Service Apartments and Hotels.

In the year of 2010 we expanded our design department and develop our idea of design on Functionality integrated with organization cencept which is unique for each customer. We have adopted the tone of each organization and bring the design with innovative idea in order to work out the highest quality. Our Service is not only in Thailand but also included in Asia country such as Lao and Myanmar .

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

General Conctructing

Household and Office construction together with interior decoration.

Pre-Contruction Design

Office building and interior design.

M&E Communication and Building

Such as electrical / Communication / Utilities System.

Interior Design and Furniture

Office building and interior design.

My Work

Recent Work

Project 02

House, Apartment

100 49

Project 03

Dining Room

100 49

Project 04

House, Building

100 49

Project 05

Condo, Pad

100 49

Project 06


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address : 40/561-563 NAWAMIN ROAD. NAWAMIN BUNGKUM BANGKOK 10230