You can order online or over the phone by calling our dedicated Sales & Advice team. Chemical Control – Product containing Deltamethrin or Cypermethrin will be most effective, spray in May/June. You can read our Terms & Conditions here. Box was us… We have also partnered with PayPal to provide a further, secure payment option. Smaller order delivery info, In Stock | Min. Box hedging (Buxus sempervirens) has been used for a very long time to make small hedges and is ideal for formal borders as it will grow on most soils. You will receive an email or telephone call confirming the dispatch of your order 24/48 hours before it arrives with you. Box hedging is an extremely good and highly popular small hedging plant. Choose plants that will establish and grow fast, knitting together quickly. Growth rate of Box hedge plants. Visit us to find the right shrubs for you. Box can be grown as small trees suitable for topiary if left untrimmed but is most commonly grown as a neat tight hedge of around 1-2ft (30-60cm) in height. Should you wish to return any products that you have over-bought, no longer require or purchased in error you will incur both a return cost (different charges for pallets and Boxes) and the original cost of delivery incurred by Best4hedging. Although Box do not like especially wet sites, it is important to water a newly planted Box hedge regularly if planting during the drier warmer months of the year. Always read the label and follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Remove and destroy infected plants, though spores can remain in the soil for up to 5 years. As a living thing Box hedging can occasionally suffer from the plight of beasties and diseases that affect Box. Per Metre' column, you will find our recommended plant density for each individual plant species and root type. It produces a thick hedge suitable for garden borders and for demarcating separate parts of gardens. These are more easily seen with the aid of a magnifying lens. The fungus continues to grow during the summer and autumn and as a result, the infected spots become thicker. Delighted with them. And unlike the fast-growing boxwood varieties, their stunted nature makes them a perfect choice for a border plant along a garden or walkway that you can see over. Buxus, Box hedging, or Boxwood as it is also sometimes known, has an attractive compact form that is easy to shape and prune. Extremely hot weather can also be challenging and occasionally we hold backorders for species that are particularly vulnerable. Box, Buxus sempervirens, is a British native tree, most commonly used for hedging.It’s synonymous with formal gardens, particularly parterres and knot gardens. Buxus sempervirens can be planted on slopes and banks suited to a semi-shade position, although full sun or full shade is also tolerated. Boxwood Lookalikes. We ask our customers to be mindful of bank holidays when couriers are not active. This plant is used for hedging and topiary, especially balls. Arrived by pallet and in excellent condition. A hedge is a living wall composed of plants. Order Requirement Of £200 ex VAT | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, In Stock | Root Balls | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, In Stock | Trough Grown | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, find out more about planting density here, Read all 460 reviews for Box hedge plants, Orders £85 & over (ex. It is slow growing, and suits a wide range of conditions. You can read more about our returns policy in our terms and conditions here. Box (Buxus): Box Balls and Pyramids make excellent container plants, adding structure and a sense of simple formality to a garden. In the 'No. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. Box will often be found in many formal gardens as it clips well and retains its shape. We inspect plants carefully before dispatch but accept that very occasionally things may go wrong. This article was last updated … HedgesOnline is the online presence of CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries – a third generation family-run nursery growing and supplying quality hedging plants since 1963. A Box hedge is closely planted - 5 to the metre is ideal, and it is much easier to get even spacing by putting plants into a trench than by digging holes. Buxus sempervirens 'Blauer Heinz' hedging plants. There are slower growing forms but with all box being slow or slowish sempervirens performs best as a hedge. Natural Control – Can be controlled with a regular pruning regime, clip off the affected shoots in summer and autumn. A decoction of the leaves was popular to promote the growth of glossy hair in both humans and horses. It looks similar, but isn't susceptible to blight. From topiary to hedging. Bare rooted box plants are a great choice for planting now as they will establish themselves quickly and are a much more economical choice than container grown stock. Some hedges are purely decorative, while others serve primarily a practical function. 4. Use a line to make sure they are planted in a straight row and space the plants at exactly 20 cm intervals - uneven spacing shows up for years afterwards. However, to achieve a more relaxed look, only one clipping is needed, in autumn or winter. Avoid overhead watering as damp conditions encourage the spread of box blight. Discover how to plant a bare-root hedge. Natural Control – When buying plants, isolate for three weeks before planting to ensure they are free from the disease. Traditionally, box has been used as a favourite plant in parterres and knot gardens in Britain since the seventeenth century. To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Further Information about Box Hedging About Boxwood Hedging. Box Leaf Privet loves plenty of water, regular fertilising and regular trimming. Symptoms – Small bumps found on the underside of leaves or on the woody stems.May exude a sticky white covering in summer to protect their eggs, and this can often be the first time they are noticed. It clips well and tight and is a highly popular plant for making topiary. Symptoms – Leaves turn brown and drop off, stems may also develop black streaks and die back. We can do “next day delivery” on many of our products for an additional £12 (incl VAT) but please call on 01257 494 491 before placing your order to check. A slow growing species, Buxus sempervirens will grow about 10 - 15cm a year, reaching a final height of between 0.5 - 1.5 metres. Buxus sempervirens is unusual in that it can be root balled throughout the year, which means we have a great selection of root balls in a range of sizes. Weather conditions can affect dispatch - bare root and root ball plants are not lifted if the ground is too cold (it damages the roots) and the delivery of all plants can be affected if the water supply is frozen (because we water all plants before packing). Call our Sales & Advice team on 01257 261 243. The glossy, dark foliage makes Buxus sempervirens a handsome evergreen hedging choice, providing year-round interest. Pre-grown best hedging plants for privacy & screening in Deciduous & Evergreen Types. Box or Buxus hedge plants (Buxus sempervirens) is best4hedging’s most popular plant for low formal hedges, as the small, glossy green leaves, slow growth rate and compact growing habit makes it easy to shape and maintain. There will be an additional surcharge applied for small vehicle deliveries. After planting, your Box hedge should be watered regularly during its first year to give it the best chance of survival and this is especially important if your hedge is being planted in the drier summer months. The annual growth rate is 20-30mm. You can find out more about planting density here. Natural Control – Box spider mites are unlikely to become a major pest, so could easily be tolerated. It has a nice bushy habit and grows quite vigorously to form a hedge fairly quickly. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We have plants suitable for all types of hedges whether, large, medium or small, fragrant, flowering or edible. When your Box hedge has reached its desired height it should be kept trimmed to encourage it to thicken out and make a denser hedge. Please note that in the case of damaged plants, if you have not notified us of a problem within 14 days of delivery, we consider you to have accepted the plants and Best4Hedging has no further liability for them should they fail. This requirement only applies to those plants where it is clearly indicated on the product page, Pallet deliveries are always undertaken on an 18-tonne vehicle (similar in size to a standard refuse vehicle). A slow growing species, Buxus sempervirens will grow about 10 - 15cm a year, reaching a final height of between 0.5 - 1.5 metres. New leaves are infected in the spring and early summer. Learn how to grow box in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. If you’d like to return your plants because of a change of plan or if we do not agree that the plants are significantly damaged (the loss of a few leaves in transit or a loose pot on arrival, for example, wouldn't be harmful to the plants), then we may ask you to pay the full or partial return costs if you still wanted to return them. BOWRAL BOX HEDGING Bargain Box Hedging Plants & TOPIARY supplied DIRECT from grower at AMAZING PRICES & FREE DELIVERY ( Minimum order for free delivery is 50 hedging plants) BUXUS HEDGING, BUXUS TOPIARY, GARDEN DESIGN Free delivery does not apply to topiary, ask us for a quote or arrange pick up at our Bowral nursery by appointment A Box hedge will need to be clipped annually in the spring or autumn as you would with any other hedge. The benefit of this method of supplying root balls is that they are always fresh and therefore have a higher success rate than root balls that are stored out of the soil. For tall hedges, over about 80cm high, length in metres x 4 (25cm, 10 inch spacing) is generally enough. Copyright © 2019 Hedges Online. Chemical Control – Fungicidal products containing tebuconazole are effective against Cylindrocladium. Read the instructions carefully and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. We are always happy to confirm when we can deliver to you before you order. Sweet box is an excellent hedge choice for shaded areas of the garden. Ilex Crenata or Euonymus Jean Hugues are good alternatives for hedging at about 30cm to 80cm in height, or for slightly taller Box alternatives, Yew or Lonicera Nitida are often used (though the … We’re very reasonable and always aim for complete satisfaction as demonstrated by our amazing Feefo customer reviews which can be viewed here. The foliage is a deep dark glossy green. We usually stock a selection of different sizes of Box hedging throughout the year. The dense foliage of Buxus hedge plants provides a robust cover that can withstand harsh weather conditions in the winter and the fairly non-descript flowers that appear on Box hedging in summer are very popular with bees, providing additional wildlife interest. Hedge for success with our selection of easy to grow hedging plants. Symptoms - Plants infested with spider mite show a fine pale mottling on the leaf surface. It is also possible to hard prune Box plants without the worry of lost height taking a long time to grow again; we advise hard pruning in spring, as your Box hedge plants will make a faster recovery during this season than at other times of the year. Leaky hose is cheap, easy to install and very effective. Some differences in sizes and height of plants (as per info on website) which made it hard to have a balanced planting but overall good. Get backyard, front yard ready with our range of outdoor plants best suited to Australian gardens. You can return your plants (within 14 days) for a refund or replacement (we’ll help with the process of returning). Planted easily of good quality and taken well in a very bad piece of the garden. A parterre is a garden design which is a pattern edged with neat low evergreen hedging. It performs best in loose, well-drained soil but can thrive in both full sun and partial shade. Extremely pleased with our Buxus Hedge plants, arrived well packed and in great condition ready for planting. Here are some suggestions for fast-growing hedging plants, all of which should put on a … They were all the same height (within 5 cms )and all healthy and looked good. For a more formal aesthetic, we recommend pruning your Box hedging twice a year, once in spring and then again in autumn. Showing 20 of our total 460 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. Plants will be subject to a quality control check from our Nursery upon return before any refund is authorised and processed. In recent years, however, it has suffered the double whammy of box blight and box moth caterpillar, both of which weaken and can kill the plants. Please contact the Service team for charges and/or to organise a return. The bluish tinged leaves are 14-18 x 6-10 mm. We offer Buxus sempervirens in a variety of root types. For watering, we recommend using, For more information on our availability of Box hedging or if you have any questions or queries about existing Box hedges or need advice about planting a new Box hedge, please call us on 01252 714552 or email. Please note that if you are ordering Rootgrow for bare root Box plants, please add 20% to the recommended usage level to allow for the large root system. Box Blight (Cylinrocladium Buxicola) – This is a serious fungal disease of box that affects leaves and stems, it is most active during wet weather. It is easy to look after, and you can trim it into almost any shape. We can also deliver on a specified date to suit you. From small ground covers, shurbs, climbing plants to hedges that will screen out your neighbours. Symptoms - Can be seen as thickened rusty blister-like pustules on both sides of the leaves. Boxwood (Buxus spp.) Evergreen hedges, such as privet, are best planted in early autumn. We tend to stick with buxus sempervirens for hedging plants. For watering, we recommend using leaky hose (sometimes described as porous pipe) which can be connected to your existing hose pipe and will slowly leak water onto the roots of your hedge in a controlled manner to ensure that it soaks in and your hedge becomes properly watered. A hedge bordering a path through a dense shaded area looks great and sweet box can help you achieve such a look. Often used in pairs or rows either side of a door or bed Dwarf Box (Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’) makes a perfect container centrepiece for companion planting with annuals, low-growing herbs or dwarf Lavender Gem Box Inkberry Holly (Ilex glabra 'Gem Box') Here's a holly that resembles a boxwood! Boxwood is one of the best plants for low hedges and topiary. You should only expect Box to put on about 15cm (6 inches) of growth a year. All Rights Reserved. In Stock | Bare Root | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, In Stock | Cell Grown | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, In Stock | Pot Grown | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, Free delivery over £200.   Compact in size, these plants bear dense, attractive foliage and are amenable to trimmingThey can be pruned into a wall shape or cut to form individual globes. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. best4hedging has a variety of hedge plants available, including Laurel & Pot Grown Hedging. In these circumstances, we require a minimum order value of £200 (ex VAT) for free delivery, or you can make a contribution towards the delivery cost. You can buy with confidence from best4hedging. The vast bulk of our Box hedge plants are UK grown by industry experts, though we sometimes source our plants from professional cultivators abroad, where we can be sure that the quality of the plants matches that of our UK sites. Website by, Although Box plants are tolerant and will put up with most soil types, we recommended that the planting soil is mixed with, Although Box do not like especially wet sites, it is important to water a newly planted Box hedge regularly if planting during the drier warmer months of the year. Box hedging has been used for years to make small hedges and is ideal for formal borders. Please indicate the date you would like to receive delivery in the notes section of the checkout (or place your order by phone) and we’ll do our utmost to meet that date. Mussel Scale – (Lepidosaphes Ulmi) – A sap-sucking insect that lives under a semi-hard scale that resembles a 3 mm long mussel. No faults and super healthy plants - perfect. Size: 2 to 3 feet tall and wide; USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9 Would highly recommend, Small Hand Tools, IrrigationCanes & Mulch Matting, *For some plants that are too heavy or too tall to be packed in cardboard boxes we use pallet deliveries. Historically, Buxus sempervirens has been used as an herbal remedy; not one to eat though, as the plant is toxic. As they infest the young growth they can be controlled by regular clipping of the hedge and then burning the trimmings. Box will grow well in full sunshine and is also shade tolerant making it very versatile to different situations and can grow well under taller trees. If your plants arrived damaged then returns are free of charge. More buying choices £7.99 (1 new offer) Potted Evergreen Box Ball Plant Buxus Shrub Topiary for Outdoors, Hedging & Patio Containers, 1 x 35cm Buxus semperviren Ball Plants in 30cm Pots by Thompson & Morgan. © 2020 best4hedging. In heavy infestations, you may see fine silk webbing on the plants, and the leaves lose much of their green colour. Natural Control – There is no natural control though light infestations will cause few problems. A neatly cut box hedge looks very smart and usually needs clipping only once a year. As Buxus sempervirens is also tolerant of drought and poor soils, it is a useful option for banks or slopes where other hedging varieties may struggle. I bought 29 x 3 litre box plants. Box rust (Puccinia buxi) - Box rust is caused by a fungus. Buxus sempervirens, the common box, European box, or boxwood, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Buxus, native to western and southern Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia, from southern England south to northern Morocco, and east through the northern Mediterranean region to Turkey. The exact delivery cost is order specific and will need to be quoted by one of our team, so please contact us on. Native to the UK, Box hedge plants are ideal for borders, edging pathways, knot-gardens and topiary. It produces a thick hedge suitable for garden borders and for demarcating separate parts of gardens. Fantastic value bare roots are available November to late April/early May (depending on season), and our high-quality cell grown, pot grown and instant Box hedging plants are available all year round. In the colder months of the year (beginning in the autumn) we supply a range of different sizes of bare root Box and all year round we supply a range of container grown Box hedging which is ideal for planting at any time. Box hedge plants are classically planted as a stand-alone hedge, as a display made solely of Box provides a stunning feature. Box is the classic formal hedge and for most parts of Australia, Japanese box is the best variety. 5% discount for new subscribers, plus the latest news, offers and discounts. Given these are provided, you will find that you can create a dense fine traditional or English Box style border in just one full growing season with very little cost. Exceptions to our quick turnaround timescalePre-orders - if you have placed an order that includes products on pre-order, then they will be dispatched to you as soon as they are available. Box hedging will grow equally well in dry acid soils and alkaline soils but it does not like waterlogged soils. At best4hedging we always endeavour to bring you the freshest, best quality products whilst keeping our prices low, so you can buy Box hedge plants with confidence from our nursery in Lancashire. If for any reason you require a smaller vehicle please contact our sales team who can arrange this for you. Box or buxus are used in all areas of the garden and landscape. Unfortunately Buxus, like all plants, is susceptible to a few problems including Box blight. Filter your way through our outdoor collections via height, full sun, part shade etc. *Please note, 1 bare root = 1 Box plant, not a bundle of plants. Another option to consider would be to punctuate your Box hedging with Box Topiary for a spectacular ornamental impact. 99% of our orders are dispatched within 7 to 10 working days of receipt and most the day after the order is placed. ... › Yew Hedge Plants › Box Hedging VAT) to mainland UK £9.95, At an additional cost, we can deliver to Scottish Highlands & Islands, which we classify as including AB (Aberdeen) and DD (Dundee) postcodes, as well as Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle Man. Again a little bit dry and discoloured but could be the time of year, not sure. We recommend that Box should be planted at 5 or 6 to the metre in a single row. Excellent plants healthy good size and well packaged. Scroll down for more information on box hedges and the products that we have available. See also our range of Topiary trees for a more decorative way to use Buxus sempervirens. The leaves are much larger than a normal box plant. Look out for the information on product pages which explains this further where applicable and if your order is for less than £200 (ex VAT) please call or email us to agree upon a delivery contribution. 4.9 out of 5 stars 8. Box (Buxus sempervirens) is also referred to as Common Box and is a very useful plant for creating a small hedge. It has glossy, green foliage with lime-green new growth and a moderate growth rate. See our Accessories page for more details on leaky hose. VAT) to mainland UK are delivered FREE* (Exceptions apply - see below for Scottish Highlands etc), Orders under £85 (ex. If it is to be a low hedge, say less than about 40cm high, then length in metres times 6 (16cm/6.5 inches spacing) is better. Our pruning advice for Box hedging depends on the look you wish to create. However, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible. Bought 18 80mm plants. Box Hedging 20-30cm in a 1lt square pot (13cm pot size), Box Hedging 60-80cm (2-2.5ft) Root Balled, CGJ Mathias and Son (Nurseries) Black Lake, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey GU10 2BH. Buxus sempervirens 'Blauer Heinz' ('Blue Henry' in English) is a dense slow growing box plant. The fungicides containing tebuconazole are effective against box rust. Hedging Plants Direct, leading UK suppliers of quality Garden Hedges & Plants. All of our plants are fresh and healthy, but we've included the info below to keep you informed. To create a dense bushy low hedge or border you only need to plant 4 box Leaf Privet plants per metre. How far apart should I plant a Box hedge? The height and shape of your Box hedge plants can be easily controlled with pruning, as this variety of hedging is renowned for its durability. Use hedges to create garden rooms to define areas, for borders or for privacy. The underside of the leaves have many tiny yellowish-green mites and egg shells. Use box for short hedges up to 1m tall or in parterre designs. Printer Friendly Version. See section below on how to look after your Box hedge after planting. Occasional hiccups can occur (such as broken down vehicles) and although we are very experienced in logistics we cannot be held liable for costs incurred or inconvenience due to late deliveries - see terms and conditions for more information. So a 20 metre box hedge will need about 100 hedge plants, for example. If your order includes pre-order bare roots or root balls you will be notified once they are being dispatched (root balls from mid to late October and bare roots from early to mid-November).Root balls - lifting root balls involves the use of complex, heavy machinery, this lifting is carried out twice a week in the root ball season so we do still have a prompt turnaround timescale but if your order has just missed one lifting, it will be a few days before we lift again. A clipped box hedge will add structure and evergreen colour and usually only needs clipping once a year. In cold areas, use English box (Buxus sempervirens), which is darker, matt green and slower growing. Box Hedging Plant Buxus sempervirens in a 9cm Pot 15-20cm Tall Ready to Plant. – Boxwood is a popular hedge plant that tolerates frequent shearing and shaping. Hedge plants used decoratively are often trimmed to precise sizes and shapes and may be either evergreen or deciduous shrubs. It is not particularly troublesome and seldom causes serious problems. Chemical Control – Spray during early summer with one of the fungicides labelled for rust diseases. For information on planting density specific to your Box hedge plants, please see the product table below. If you have any further questions in regards to payment, please do get in touch. Always read the label and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.Box Red Spider Mite (Eurytetranychus Buxi) – A very small sap sucking mite that feeds from the underside of the leaves in late spring and summer. For more information on our availability of Box hedging or if you have any questions or queries about existing Box hedges or need advice about planting a new Box hedge, please call us on 01252 714552 or email [email protected]. Buxus colchica of western Caucasus and B. hyrcana of northern Iran and eastern Caucasus … hedge plant under 1 metre high, small hedging plants, box hedges, small box hedges, native box hedges, colourful foliage hedges, flowering hedges, compact hedges, drought tolerant hedges, hedges for coastal locations, frost tolerant hedges, cold tolerant hedges, ozbreed, low hedging, hedging and screening, callistemon hedge, westringia hedge, nandina hedge best4hedging Registered office Five Acres, Dawbers Lane, Euxton, PR7 6EE, Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm | Sat-Sun: 9am-4pm, The 10 most common pests and diseases of Hedging Plants in the UK. We are often asked which hedge plants make a good alternative to Box hedging. Careful preparation of the planting site is important. It is evergreen and produces a mass of small green leaves and grows well in many situations. How do I look after my Box hedge after planting? Box Hedges (Buxus hedge or ‘boxwood’ hedging) is a popular evergreen, shade-tolerant plant.They are native to the UK and across the globe; the Buxus hedge species can be found in Western and Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and Southern American and the Caribbean. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Box is slow growing, which is one of the many reasons it is favoured for making small hedges. The height and shape of your Box hedge plants can be easily controlled with pruning, as this variety of hedging … Although Box plants are tolerant and will put up with most soil types, we recommended that the planting soil is mixed with compost to give the plants the best environment to grow in for their first year. Outdoor. The dense ball-shaped plant is nice as a hedge or in a container. It is evergreen and produces a mass of small green leaves and grows well in many situations. Dwarf boxwood shrubs are widely used in formal landscape design. Chemical Control – Products containing acetamiprid will give some control, always read the label and follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Box will tolerate almost all soil types (except very waterlogged soils) making it very versatile. We'd like to stress that although there are exceptions, the vast majority of our orders are dispatched extremely quickly and we are proud of our logistics developed over many years of delivering plants to tens of thousands of customers.Returns. Box hedging is an extremely good and highly popular small hedging plant. Buxus hedge plants will grow in the toughest of positions and the evergreen foliage provides excellent year-round interest, as well as making an effective privacy screen and a good windbreak. We sell Buxus sempervirens in the winter as bare-root or root-balled (for the increasingly popular bigger sizes) and container grown Buxus sempervirens plants all year round. Best hedges: Buy Garden Hedges available for sale in United States. Hedges bring a wonderful structure to the garden. Box plants are tough and can grow well in any soil type, including positions with drought or poor soil conditions, but prefer a well-drained site. Box Hedging Plants 20-40cm Buxus Sempervirens Dense Evergreen Hedge Potted (10 Plants) 4.7 out of 5 stars 278. X.