The history of U.S.G. Company Limited.

  • IN English Name: USG CO., LTD.
  • ชื่อภาษาอังกฤษ : U.S.G.  CO., LTD
  • Abbreviation From : Utility Service Group.
  • The company was registered establish on 10 November 1993.
  • The first Capital One million baht.
  • Increase for the capital registration in Period 1 at year 2003.
  • Increase for the capital registration in Period 2 at year 2008.
  • Until the present there are 50,000 shares of capital, registration five million baht.
  • Chairman of the Board Khun Warun Laichan Since year 1993 until now,
  • The current Managing Director Khun Sasithorn Laichan appointed since the year 2002.
  • The main business of the company start with an electrical contractor, Telephone communication, and air conditioning systems as well as about the year of 2006 it began operating as a contractor building decoration until the present.

The main customers: Corporate finance and securities Company, Commerce Company within country, factory Industrial etc.


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