Insert the Micro SD Card into AKASO Trace1 Pro dash cam. 1. AKASO trace 1 pro is dual dash camera, it recording front and rear both. The Pro version of the Trace 1 reviewed here adds the missing GPS and doubles down with Wi-Fi phone connectivity. The dash cam will go to upgrade automatically, it needs for about 1 minutes to finish upgrading. It mainly optimize the Wi-Fi and GPS function, and make them more stable. Q: What are the changes associated with the most recent firmware update? It is a better option for professional drivers, such as Uber/Lyft driver, taxi driver, truck driver, and etc. Trace1Pro V01 firmware Optimize the bugs and update. 2. Regarding the location or other GPS data, you need firstly download the videos on phone app/computer from the card, then play via phone app or AKASO player on computer, then you will get these GPS data. How to upgrade AKASO Trace1 Pro-EN. One faces the obvious direction, the other one records infrared images from inside of the car with the focus set to show what is happening outside of the car’s windows. Both cameras cover 170-degree angles, keeping the blind spots to the minimum. The Akaso Trace 1 Pro is the premium version of Akaso’s affordable Trace 1, which I already liked for its great front/interior day/night video, even though it lacked GPS. $129.99 USD $119.99 USD. The recording will save to the card automatically. Fill out the simple survey to get a 15% OFF Coupon for AKASO New Brave 7 action camera. 00:00:23 1080P60 04/28/2019 03:25:52 PM 01:17:34 1080P60 04/28/2019 03:26:52 PM TRACE 1 Pro WiFi Button Note: WiFi is on, please … 10% off for the first order. And the resolution of the front camera of Trace 1 Pro can be up to 2K30. *Fair Disclosure* I received this Akaso dashcam free of charge in exchange for a review. Download AKASO Trace 1 Pro 2K WiFi Dual Dash Camera. race 1 Pro has GPS, Wi-Fi, and comes with 32GB card while Trace 1 doesn’t have. When the card is full, it can not be overwritten. Single Recording (Front Camera) 1080P @60fps ① After turning on the camera, press button to stop recording. Brave 7. AKASO service team email: Phone App Introduction Download on the App Store GET IT ON Google Play 14 15 Connect CAR DVR Trace 1 Pro Real-time Preview 04/10/2019 1 6 5 2 3 4 7 About Akaso Car V1 TRACE1 PRO S6 Version: 1.2.0 Storage card 04-05 … V50 Pro. We accept credit card and PayPal payments. ... You may update firmware at your own risk. Q: Can this dash cam record front and rear views at the same time? Producing Software: Adobe PDF library 15.00: … 2. This dash cam can … (Charger is Input DC12-24V, Output DC 5V 2A.) V50 Pro (The Endless Summer) V50X Best Pick. Or it can also record hyper smooth videos with 1080P@60fps setting. I took it on a 200-mile highway trip, a half dozen city drives, and after dark to check the night vision. AKASO DV allows you to see what your camera sees on your smartphone in real time. Design. Share: Quantity. A must for the security of your vehicle. Please enter a valid email address. If you plug the car charger into the car's cigarette lighter, you can also use another device at the same time. Please get the real card which supports max 128GB. $75.97 USD $99.99 USD. Note: 2K@30fps and 1080P@60fps are limited to be applied in front view only record setting, The SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensors, the superior lens modules with F/1.8 large aperture, and the built-in 4 IR lights, ensure a better image quality with lower noise and more natural details in low-light condition, WDR improves the overall exposure to create a well-balanced image, with greater details in dark and the highlights that do not get blown-out, The dash cam will automatically turn on and begin to record as you start the car, and it will save the file and power off in 10s after you shut off the car, The dash cam holds up to 10-hour videos as it supports up to 128GB Class 10 microSD card and it utilizes advanced compression technology. With both side camera it cover 340 deg. You won a 15% OFF coupon for AKASO Brave 7 successfully. 1 2 TRACE 1 ① Insert the car charger with cable into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. WARNING: Unnecessary firmware updates may cause permanent damage to your camera. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The tracker can be fully charged in 1-2 hours and will last you 5-7 days of use. There’s an on/off button and SD card slot (up to 128GB) on the left, and four action buttons on the bottom of the unit. Yes, turn on the loop recording function, it automatically overwrites the oldest videos when the card is full. It is easy to install and gripping to windshield is good. Before attaching the GPS module, please put the GPS electrostatic sticker on the windshield, then attach the GPS module on the stick, so that you can take the GPS module off easily in the future from the sticker or take off the sticker together with the GPS module easily. $87.99 USD $99.99 USD. 1 x AKASO Dash Cam Trace 1 Pro / 1 x Car Charger with Power Cable (GPS Module Included) / 1 x Mini USB Cable / 1 x Suction Bracket / 1 x Kingston 32GB microSD Card / 1 x Crowbar / 5 x Cable Clips / 1 x Quick Start Guide AKASO shall NOT be held liable for any damages whatsoever in … You will be able to take pictures and record videos by using your mobile device as a WiFi remote. AKASO Trace 1 Car Dash Camera. The dash cam can record up to 2K videos with 2560x1440@30fps ultra high resolution, 1.7 times more details than 1080P resolution. The front recording would capture front end collisions. With dual SONY IMX307 sensors, the dash cam simultaneously captures both 170° field of views of 4 traffic lanes and inside cabin, in high-quality 1080P FHD videos. Below are some of the unique features of the Akaso trace 1 pro. We will send an exclusive coupon to you via email on 20th, Dec. 2020. Add to cart This is a versatile car recorder with dual-lens to capture the front and inside view in crisp videos. Q: When I’m driving, how to save a recording I want to keep for later? The camera itself is capable of recording both the front and inside of the vehicle. The interior recording would capture … Quick shop. You may update firmware at your own risk. Don’t forget to format the card on the dash camera before using. 1. It’s "AKASO Car", you can download on Google play or Apple store. 1. Review AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dual Lens Car Dash Camera 2K Dash Cam WiFi DVR with Phone App External GPS Front Inside Lens Dual … Email cannot be empty. I prefer being able to … If there is a problem with your camera, please check the firmware version in “Settings” and send the version number to for professional support. 1pc AKASO Trace1 Pro car dash camera, 1pc mount bracket, 1pc 32GB card, 1pc car charger with GPS module, 1pc USB cable, 2pcs GPS electrostatic stickers, 1pc crowbar, 5pcs cable clips and a quick guide manual. Q: I do not have an available cigarette lighter power source, is there a longer USB cord available that will work? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dual Lens Car Dash Camera, 2K Dash Cam WiFi with Phone App External GPS Front and Inside Lens with Sony STARVIS Dual Record 1080p30 340° Coverage Included 32GB Card Fatigue Reminder at If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to us, we will try our best to help you. If your camera works normally, you DO NOT need firmware updates. If you're looking for an action camera, something similar to a GoPro, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for with the AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera. Brave Series. AKASO Trace 1 Pro 2K WiFi Dual Dash Camera. AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dual Lens Car Dash Camera, 2K Dash Cam WiFi with Phone App External GPS Front and Inside Lens with Sony STARVIS Dual Record 1080p30 340° Coverage Included 32GB Card Fatigue Reminder: Car Electronics The GPS electrostatic sticker is for the external GPS module on the cable of car charger. Get info on the latest products and sales! Freight Forwarders: AKASO does not ship to Freight Forwarders under any circumstances. (888) 466-9222 (US) Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm (EST). Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. Read more. Before updating the firmware of your camera, please read and follow AKASO's instructions thoroughly. There are 4 options: off, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours. Taxi drivers or parents wanting to keep an eye on their kids in the backseat will get the most out of this simple and compact dashcam. Q: Can the rear camera record audio inside of the car? If you want the recording won't be overwritten in the future, you can manually lock the current recording. 2K30fps or 1080p60fps for a single front camera, for front and interior camera it is 1080p30fps. $119.99 USD $129.99 USD. AKASO shall NOT be held liable for any damages whatsoever in connection with updating your camera's firmware. Connect the car charger to dash cam and the car’s cigarette lighter, then start the car. The difference between Version 1.1 and Version 3.1 of the EK7000 action camera models is as follows: V1.1 is suitable for EK7000 models sold in the United States. Design and features The Trace 1 is small, even by today’s miniaturized standards. The AKASO fitness tracker acts as a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, calorie counter and much more. Download Phone APP Download the “Akaso Car” app, search for it in one of the app stores below. V50 Elite. Note: 10-hour videos are recorded with dual 1080P@30fps default setting. Q: Does the interior camera capture any back window vehicles? Yes, the rear camera can record audio inside of the car. If your camera works normally, you DO NOT need firmware updates. Q: Does this loop over old videos or do you have to manually delete the videos? All AKASO car camera – dash cam comes with 30-day hassle free return and 1-year limited warranty. Does my camera need firmware updates? Please use class 10 or above micro SD cards. For more details, please go to Help Center. 1. However, firmware severely hinders this camera's functionality in certain settings. Download. V50 Pro SE. The format utility is nested in the settings and it’s very easy to find with the intuitive and obvious controls. V3.1 is suitable for EK7000 models sold outside the United States. After turning on the camera, press button to stop recording, long press Wi-Fi button on the bottom of camera to enter Wi-Fi settings interface. Quick shop. The AKASO Trace 1 dash cam can use up to 128gb class 10 micro SD card and it’s suggested that you first format the card in your computer, then format it again in the camera when installed. The Akaso Trace 1 Pro is the premium version of Akaso's affordable Trace 1, which I already liked for its great front/interior day/night … Related Documents. … Besides, download videos or pictures to your mobile device is convenient on AKASO DV app. The Akaso Trace 1 Pro features front and rear-facing cameras for a 340-degree view, WiFi connectivity via a smartphone app, GPS tracking, Sony Starvis night vision, parking monitor, and much more. Free shipping on orders over $75 from the USA. The main Akaso dash camera is much smaller than the image represents. For USB cable, it is only for reading the card of dash camera on computer, we do not suggest you to use it as a power cable to this dash camera. Thank you! Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including … Q: What is the GPS electrostatic sticker used for? ... TRACE1 Dash Cam User Manual Trace 1 Pro Manual-En Akaso Tech Akaso Tech Dash Cam. Full HD Dash Camera (Front 1080p60, Dual 1080p30, 340-Degree Coverage) , Superior Night Vision with Sony STARVIS, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Supports up to 128GB Memory Q: What is the difference between Trace 1 Pro and Trace 1? Page 1 USER MANUAL Trace 1 Pro Dash Cam...; Page 2 FCC: This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Quality of videos and visuals are good, rear side camera is only B&W. Akaso Trace 1 グローバルサイト Akaso というメーカーはドラレコ業界ではあまり聞きなじみがないでしょう。 アクションカメラを中心とした商品構成のメーカーです。 ま、基本的にOEMで自社で設計開発はほぼしてないと思われます。 んでは、今回 Akaso Trace 1 というド… It’s relatively light, and has a whopping three ventilation ports to dissipate heat. Trace1Pro_V01. AKASO Trace 1 dashcam utilizes dual sony STARVIS sensor to capture full HD image 1080p (front & inside). 1. AKASO DL7 1080P Dual Dash Camera. The Akaso Trace 1 camera is a nice light compact camera with simple controls and an added bonus. The Akaso V50 Pro SE takes good photos and its ability to record video at 4k 60fps is a nice feature not found in most budget level action cameras. At under £80, the Akaso Trace 1 is the ideal choice. AKASO V50 Pro. Dual Camera / Built-in G-Sensor / Emergency Lock / Loop Recording / Screen Saver / Time Display / Fatigue Driving Reminder / Night Vision / Parking Monitor, 1 x AKASO Dash Cam Trace 1 Pro / 1 x Car Charger with Power Cable (GPS Module Included) / 1 x Mini USB Cable / 1 x Suction Bracket / 1 x Kingston 32GB microSD Card / 1 x Crowbar / 5 x Cable Clips / 1 x Quick Start Guide. Document Includes User Manual Trace 1 Pro Manual-En. * Which platform do you want to order AKASO Brave 7? Turn on Wifi Connection Way1. The car charger with this dash cam has an extra USB port. Q: What if my order exceeds the return period? FCC ID › Akaso Tech LLC › TRACE1 › User manual. Q: What app is recommended for this dash cam? Q: Does the GPS location show on the screen and in the video ? The Trace 1 measures approximately 3 x 1.75 x 1.25 inches. Akaso Trace 1 Dashcam comes with dual 1080p cameras. ② Insert the USB end of the cable of car charger into the dash cam USB port. Q: How many options for fatigue driving reminder? Always be the first to know. The inside camera plus 4 IR LEDs to handle low light conditions of the inside car and get clear video footage. Click hereto see more details of the shipping information. The buttons vary in function, turning things on and off while recording is taking place, or navigating the settings menus when recording is off. Back to the top. Q: The picture of the rear camera is colored or black and white?
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